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We've all heard the phrase “art is subjective.” Our love (or hatred) of the art we consume is unique to each of us, shaped by our own experiences and interpretations. That means, of course, that sometimes we have differing opinions when it comes to the quality of a piece of media. Part of why I enjoy working for Daily Arts is getting to hear all the discourse surrounding our favorite books, albums, movies and more. I challenged the Daily Arts staff to write about their Arts-related “hot takes” — their unpopular or controversial opinions — and convince the world why they are right. The responses ranged from hilarious to personal to downright chaotic. While the jury's still out on whether their writing has changed my own opinions, I'm so grateful for their contributions and their bravery.

Senior Arts Editor Hannah Carapellotti
Wanted poster of Jar Jar Binks

The wrongful villainization of Jar-Jar Binks

Managing Arts Editor Sabriya Imami
Wanted poster of a person wearing a suit, holding an umbrella, and handing off a lamp post

There is no film genre better than the movie musical

Film Beat Editor Mitchel Green
Wanted poster of Captain America

Why (Captain) America sucks

Daily Arts Writer Tate LaFrenier
Wanted poster of characters from the movie 'Dune'

'Dune' isn't worthy of your praise

Daily Arts Writer Serena Irani
Wanted poster of characters Harry and Sally from the movie 'When Harry Met Sally'

'When Harry Met Sally': I WON'T have what she's having

Daily Arts Writer Zach Loveall
Wanted poster of Kat Stratford

Kat Stratford isn't the feminist icon we all make her out to be

Daily Arts Contributor Graciela Batlle Cestero
Wanted poster of the Grim Reaper

Characters that should've stayed dead

Daily Arts Writer Maddie Agne
Wanted poster of Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey's memoir is more than 'alright, alright, alright'

Managing Arts Editor Lillian Pearce