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Fashion and art are equally universal, unavoidable and vital. Whether we claim not to give our style any thought or spend hours crafting outfits, we all have a relationship to fashion. Maybe you leaf through a thrift store’s offerings or you endure the inevitable stab wounds of a sewing machine in an attempt to construct an image that expresses some part of you. Fashion is art, and it follows that the two intersect with and influence each other. In this B-Side, 13 arts writers investigate questions ranging from why luxury brands are adopting influencers to how music genre subcultures shape and are influenced by the fashions surrounding them. Many bring personal experiences — inhabiting other personalities using costumes, breaking free from the suppression of school uniforms, finding connection among strangers by wearing merch — to prove the profound impacts clothing has. Fashion is how we tell people about ourselves. It can be a political statement, a confirmation of one’s permission to take up space or. proof of a future connection before words are spoken. Like art, it is a language — one of individualism, visibility, politics, sexuality and beauty — that our writers put to words.

Senior Arts Editor Erin Evans
Close-up on someone's ankles/boots, wearing a space suits from Star Wars. In their hand is a rolled up magazine with Poe and Finn's jacket on it.

'Star Wars' fashion moments with intergalactic influence

Daily Arts Writer Lola D'Onofrio
Heidi Klum in a worm costume

I'm more worm than Klum

Senior Arts Editor Emilia Ferrante
A person in front of pages with theatre costumes

Costume contemplations from a former theatre kid

Senior Arts Editor Hannah Carapellotti
Emma Chamberlain holding a booklet of her outfits

Why is Emma Chamberlain the new face of fashion?

Managing Arts Editor Lillian Pearce
A person drawing a skirt in a book

Reforming the uniform

Daily Arts Writer Maddie Agne
A newspaper and phone inside a cardigan pocket, both with Taylor Swift iconography

The cardigan under my bed

Managing Arts Editor Sabriya Imami
People wearing University of Michigan merchandise

Maize and blue; the epitome of high fashion

Daily Arts Contributor Irena Tutunari
A person standing on on a fashion runway with lights in the background

A Bad Bunny masterclass: Adding “sazón” to male style

Daily Arts Writer Graciela Battle Cestero
A booklet showing a red dress on the left and a person wearing a red dress on the right standing on a theatre stage

A sculpture in flesh and bone — the intersection of haute couture and live music

Daily Arts Writer Cecilia Duran
A person looking at their past outfits

The good, the bad, and the very very ugly: my fashion phases

Daily Arts Contributor Skylar Wallison
A person reading a fashion book, in front of people dancing in the background

Genre and fashion: Learning how to embrace crowd wear

Daily Arts Writer Drew Gadbois
A person in front of a street lamp in Paris

Aesthetic Anarchy in Fin de Siècle Paris

Daily Arts Writer Jaden Katz
A person sitting at their computer desk, with a poster of Ryan Gosling in 'Drive' in the background

You will never be Ryan Gosling from 'Drive'

Senior Arts Editor Sarah Rahman