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First Pitch

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Lauren Derkowski is wearing a white uniform and is mid pitch. Her hand with the mit is stretched out to the side while her other hand grips the ball as her arm swings. Behind her, snow is falling.

The first baseman with a foot on the base catches the ball from another player as an opposing player is in the air landing on the base. In the background behind the fence Michigan fans in pink shirts watch on.

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Tasmia Jamil
Bonnie Tholl stands behind a brown podium with a black microphone. She is standing in front of a blue background saying “Michigan Medicine” and “” and “@Umichathletics”. She is smiling and looking into the distance just above the camera.

Zach Edwards: Tholl sets goals high in first year, but they might be too high

Zach Edwards
The softball team stands in a huddle in front of the dougout. They are wearing white jerseys with yellow numbers, blue pants with a yellow stripe down the side and socks with a block M in the calf area. Their heads are learning towards the middle of the circle.

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Rekha Leonard
The Michigan softball team stands in a huddle. They are on the side of the field partially standing on the brown grass. There is a photographer behind them. They are wearing white jerseys and blue pants with a yellow stripe down the side. Behind them is the backstop saying “Wolverines” and stands with only a couple of fans.

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Jonathan Wuchter
Bonnie Tholl speaks at the podium at a press conference.

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